Enrolling in E-Statements will allow you to receive your monthly and/or quarterly statement(s) electronically via our Online Banking service instead of by mail. Plus, this FREE service is fast, secure, dependable, and convenient!

We will send you an email once your statement is processed, notifying you that your statement is available for viewing.

Current Online Banking customers can sign up for E-Statements by logging into your Online Banking profile and selecting the Administration menu. Next, select Statement Delivery Preferences under the Maintain Account sub-menu. Then, change your delivery method, read our Statement Service Agreement and Disclosure, and select the box to indicate that you agree to the terms of use.

Once enrolled to view E-Statements, current Online Banking customers must first log in to our Online Banking site using your username and password to gain access to Online Banking before you can view, print, or save the electronic statement.

If you have not signed up for Online Banking, personal customers can sign up now on our home page. Business and organization customers can contact a bank representative for an application.

You may discontinue the E-Statement service at any time and still remain an Online Banking customer. Notification to discontinue service must be received in writing with a signature.